Getting ready for huckleberry season

Getting ready for huckleberry season

It’s spring and as I sit here writing this post, the rain is falling and everything starting to turn green and the trees are starting their bloom.  I am getting anxious for summer.  Time for fishing, camping and yes, hiking through the woods hunting for huckleberries.  I thought this might be the perfect time of the […]

Huckleberry Rake Controversy

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Huckleberry Picking Methods As the popularity of the huckleberry grows and the demand for them increase, the more pickers you will see out and about.  Picking berries can be a tedious task to say the least.  Where there is a monotonous task, there will be someone with ingenuity to create a tool to make the task […]

Picking and Cleaning Huckleberries


Tips for picking huckleberries So out in the woods, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful sights. But now you want to take some of these wonderful berries home? Some suggest baggies like zip lock bags. These are fine if you want to make smoothies or milkshakes as a they are fragile and could be damaged […]

Preparing for your huckleberry advent...


Things to take while picking huckleberries When venturing off to the wilderness it is important to use some common sense and pack essentials that will come in handy.  These are jut a few things that will help ensure a safe huckleberry adventure. Take food/snacks, water and a basic first aid kit. Cooler and smaller buckets to […]

Huckleberries and Bears


 (ok, not lions or tigers) Remember, out in the wilderness, you are out of your element and in the element of other predators.  When hiking, remember to be aware of your surroundings.  In our area there is always a threat from bears, mountain lions, wolves and bobcats. Bears are a viable threat when encountered.  You […]

Picking wild huckleberries in the Inl...

Picking wild huckleberries in the Inland Northwest

I will speak to the Inland Northwest because that is where I have had my Huckleberry picking experience.  You will have to head to the mountains and scout locations starting in early July to see how things are ripening up.  Good luck in getting an answer from locals as to where to pick them.  Usually, […]

What are Huckleberries? Where do I fi...

What are Huckleberries? Where do I find Huckleberries?

The fruit itself looks very similar to a blueberry. The huckleberry is a deciduous or evergreen shrub.  Hucklbeberry is the common name for two different plant species: Vaccinium Parvifolium and Gaylussacia.  The plant grows to about 2- 3 feet tall and thrives in damp acidic soil.  They usually produces ripe, ready to pick fruit between […]

My introduction to the huckleberry

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Before moving to the Inland Northwest, I had never heard of Huckleberries.  In fact, if you would have shown them to me before I knew what they were, I would have sworn they were small blueberries.  My first recall of this wonderful fruit was my first opportunity to go Huckleberry picking.  I didn’t have anything […]