Getting ready for huckleberry season

It’s spring and as I sit here writing this post, the rain is falling and everything starting to turn green and the trees are starting their bloom.  I am getting anxious for summer.  Time for fishing, camping and yes, hiking through the woods hunting for huckleberries.  I thought this might be the perfect time of the year to make sure that we have the supplies for these trips to the mountains.  Here is a list of supplies that I feel are a must for a successful, safe huckleberry outing. If you would like to purchase any of the items below, check them out at The Huckleberry Basket Store.

Igloo Cooler Set

Igloo cooler set

This is a great set which will serve many purposes. I would recommend using the large cooler for transporting home. The smaller one would be great for putting berries in as you pick them. The larger would be gret to pack snack to your destination and pack all your huckleberries back home in
Arctic Ice Cooler Pack

Arctic Ice Cooler Pack

These are Arctic Ice cold packs. I would recommend a minimum of 2-3 of these for the 38 qt cooler above. Line the bottom of the cooler with them to keep your items cold all day. These are not the standard "blue" packs you see in the stores. Also, unless you want stuff to freeze, make sure you get the Alaska series instead of the Tundra series.
Bull Frog Sunscreen

Great water resistant sunscreen

Sunscreen is always a necessity when hiking. Bulfrog spray has always been our choice. It works really well even when through sweat and water. The best thing about this spray is it's one of the easiest to applying.
Idaho Atlas & Gazetter

Atlas & Gazetter

A good detailed map that includes mountain roads is always helpful.
Bear Spray

Bear Spray

Running into bears is a possibility. They love huckleberries too! Bear Spray will help slow a bear down in the event of an attack. I hope you never have to use it but I hope even more that if you need it, you have it. For information on what to do in the event of an attack check out our post Huckleberries and Bears
Huckleberry Rakes

Huckleberry Rakes

For those interested in using a huckleberry rake, these will help increase your harvest. For more information and to purchase, please visit Please review its proper use and be responsible please.