Preparing for your huckleberry adventure.

Things to take while picking huckleberries

When venturing off to the wilderness it is important to use some common sense and pack essentials that will come in handy.  These are jut a few things that will help ensure a safe huckleberry adventure.

  1. Take food/snacks, water and a basic first aid kit.
  2. Cooler and smaller buckets to put your berries in.
  3. Take a blank or warm clothes.  Remember that at higher elevations the can be cold and uncomfortable even in summer months.
  4. Always let someone know the general location of your destination and when you are to return in case something does happen.
  5. Cell phone service does not always work in the mountains.  In fact, count on your phone being useless most of the time.
  6. Before heading into the mountains, make sure to fill the gas tank.  You don’t want this to be the reason you end up isolated you in the mountains.
  7. Bears and other wildlife live in the mountains and they LOVE huckleberries.  There will be a higher chance they will be foraging for food in the mornings and evenings.  Many folks carry a weapon for protection in the event of a bear attack.  At a minimum, stop by a sporting goods store and pick up a can of bear pepper spray.

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